Easter week in Orihuela

From Apr 14, 2019 to Apr 21, 2019


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  • Easter week in Orihuela (Alicante)

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Easter week in Orihuela

Easter week in Orihuela


From Apr 14, 2019 to Apr 21, 2019

Easter week in Orihuela


Orihuela in Alicante remembers the passion and death of Jesus Christ during Easter Week. Solemn parades of religious images go around the streets every day, including pieces by sculptors such as Salzillo. One of the best known parades is the impressive procession of Silence. Over 10,000 people gather in the historic quarter on the night of Good Friday. However, only the noise and footsteps of the penitents can be heard. The streets are almost dark and a chant breaks the silence when the figure of Jesus passes by. This is the Chant of the Passion, dating to the 18th century. This recollection finds a contrast on the morning of Easter Saturday with the procession of the ‘Caballero Cubierto'. Here, the music groups and even Roman centuries accompany a local chosen every year for their deeds. The tradition has its roots in a 17th-century papal bull.

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