Easter Week in Ávila

From Mar 25, 2018 to Apr 1, 2018


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  • Procession of Silence. Easter week in Avila

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Easter Week in Ávila

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Ávila  (Castile-Leon)

Easter Week in Ávila


From Mar 25, 2018 to Apr 1, 2018
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Easter Week in Ávila


Avila commemorates the passion and death of Jesus Christ during Easter Week. Its processions take place against a spectacular backdrop: Avila's city walls, its old quarter and the churches outside the city walls, all of which have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Easter Tuesday brings one of the key points of the commemoration with the procession of the Miserere. The deep silence in which it takes place is broken in the depth of the night by the moving invocation of the Miserere. Maundy Thursday is once again the day of the most traditional event of the whole week –known as the procession of the Pasos (the name given to the religious floats)–, which has taken place throughout the streets of the city every year without interruption since the 16th century. It is also well worth seeing the Vía Crucis de Penitencia (Stations of the Cross), held on Good Friday and whose route passes through the city's walled enclosure. Easter Week ends on Easter Sunday with a pilgrimage to the shrine of El Resucitado and a popular outdoor picnic.

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