Easter week in Granada

From Apr 14, 2019 to Apr 21, 2019


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  • Easter Week in Granada

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Easter week in Granada

Easter week in Granada


From Apr 14, 2019 to Apr 21, 2019

Easter week in Granada


Granada recreates the passion and death of Jesus Christ during Easter Week. This is an opportunity to experience this traditional religious festivity in Spain in spectacular settings such as the Alhambra. The event revolves around the processions (the solemn corteges that accompany the carved religious images). One of the best-known is the procession of the Cristo de los Gitanos (Christ of the Gypsies). It takes to the streets on Easter Wednesday and is particularly spectacular because the caves and dwellings on the Sacromonte hill greet the procession with enormous bonfires. Another famous one is known as the procession of the Soledad de San Jerónimo. This is the oldest in Granada, and is accompanied by an impressive cortege featuring living people representing historic figures from the Bible. Easter week in Granada culminates on Easter Sunday with the procession of the 'facundillos', whose name comes from the earthenware 'facundillos' (lanterns) which tinkle as they are carried through the streets by children.

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