Burial of the Sardine

From Apr 6, 2018 to Apr 8, 2018


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  • Samba group during the parade of the Burial of the Sardine

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Burial of the Sardine

Burial of the Sardine


From Apr 6, 2018 to Apr 8, 2018

Burial of the Sardine


A popular fiesta which traditionally rounds off the carnival festivities and which in Murcia is held on the weekend following Easter Week. The central event is an enjoyable parade led by the sardine that is about to be buried. It symbolises the fasting and abstinence brought on by the end of Carnival. The sardine, known as 'Doña Sardina', even leaves a will. This is a tongue-in-cheek speech about current political and social affairs which is read out the night before the parade. The grand parade features comic troupes, music bands and carnival figures such as 'giants' and 'cabezudos' (wearing enormous papier-mâché heads). These are followed by floats dedicated to the gods of Olympus, which delight children by throwing toys into the audience. At the end of the parade comes the burning of the sardine amid a spectacular fireworks display. The celebrations continue into the early hours of the morning.

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