The "Rapa das bestas" festival in Sabucedo

From Jul 7, 2017 to Jul 10, 2017

Estrada, A

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  • A rapa das bestas (horse-shearing festival)

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The "Rapa das bestas" festival in Sabucedo

The "Rapa das bestas" festival in Sabucedo


From Jul 7, 2017 to Jul 10, 2017
To be confirmed 2017

The "Rapa das bestas" festival in Sabucedo


A festivity revolving around the noble confrontation between man and horse. It takes place every year in the first week of July, and dates back to the 16th century. Young people from Sabucedo and the surrounding area (Pontevedra province, region of Galicia) head for the mountains at dawn. Their aim is to find wild horses living in the area, bring them back to the village and cut their manes. When night falls, they all come together to enjoy food, music and wine. The spectacular nature of the event and the complicated manoeuvres it involves attract ever growing numbers of visitors each year.

Festivity of International Tourist Interest