Easter Week in Valladolid

From Apr 14, 2019 to Apr 21, 2019


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  • Image of the Virgin of Las Angustias during a procession. Easter week in Valladolid

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Easter Week in Valladolid

Easter Week in Valladolid


From Apr 14, 2019 to Apr 21, 2019

Easter Week in Valladolid


Valladolid recreates the passion and death of Jesus Christ during its Easter Week. Its processions (solemn corteges accompanying religious images) offer a priceless display of Spanish Baroque sculpture. The highlight comes on Good Friday. In the morning, a group of 'cofrades' (members of religious associations or 'cofradías') announce the Sermon of the Seven Words by riding through the streets on horseback and reading out a proclamation in verse, after which the Sermon takes place in the Plaza Mayor square. The general procession of La Pasión takes to the streets in the evening. It consists of 31 'pasos' (the structures that carry the religious images) and includes one of the most moving instants of the whole of Easter Week: the arrival of the Virgin of Las Angustias at the church accompanied by crowds of people who intone the hymn known as the Salve Popular.

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