Joy of Jabugos’ Ham

€87 per person (including taxes)


  • Minimum 2 people, 20 max.

*Information supplied by the provider

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Joy of Jabugos’ Ham

€87 per person (including taxes)



Joy of Jabugo’s Ham packs in one day all that is needed to learn first-hand one of the best kept

secrets of Sierra de Aracena and Picos the Aroche National Park: the production of pure acorn-
fed Iberian Ham, a feast for the senses


We begin the visit in Corteconcepcion with an easy 3.km walk, for around half an hour. We will

be guided by a bilingual expert from Culturaleza, a local group specialized in creative tourism.

We will discover farming and livestock practices and will walk the village streets, learning how

their inhabitants understand life and ways of living.

To learn about the production process we will lean on Jamones Eíriz, a landmark in the Ibérico

industry with over two hundred years of history. With them we enter the Ibérico dimension.

In the dehesa we get to appreciate in detail the natural habitat where the Iberian pig grazes,

we value the groves and the water, and we familiarize with terms like montanera, arrobas and

quintales, and with the life of the Porquero, the person who takes a very exclusive care of the


Hams and other ibérico meats are treated in natural processing facilities that will take you to a

different time, when Patience was the sure path to success.

We taste these delicacies in the main hall of the family house, a space full of memories and

life lessons. The Eírizs blend experience and human touch to explain the right way to palate

Jabugo ?s ham.

At lunch time we will be in Aracena, and will cherish the town ?s gastronomy at Restaurante

Montecruz, where chef Manolo masters a creative traditional cuisine based on the produce

of the Sierra, using Passion –Iberian ham aside-- as prime ingredient. The result is a delicate

gastronomic experience in every bite.
Also in Aracena, we will end our day with a visit to one of the Sierra ?s greatest gems, the Gruta

de las Maravillas (Grotto of the Marvels)

*Information supplied by the provider

Joy of Jabugos’ Ham

€87 per person (including taxes)




*Information supplied by the provider

Joy of Jabugos’ Ham

€87 per person (including taxes)



Activities available in the following languages:
Spanish, English, French, German

 8 Hours

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Category of the activity:
Nature. Gastronomy. Ecotourism. Hiking. Enjoying ham

Who is it for?:
Young people. Families. Adults without children. Senior. LGBT

Organising company:
Somos destinorural

Information supplied by the provider