Mérida Classical Theatre Festival

From Aug 4, 2018 to Aug 26, 2018



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  • Performance of the play 'Hecuba' at the 59th edition of the Classical Theatre Festival in Mérida

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Mérida Classical Theatre Festival

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Mérida, Badajoz  (Extremadura)

Mérida Classical Theatre Festival


From Aug 4, 2018 to Aug 26, 2018

Mérida Classical Theatre Festival


The finest classical theatre in a unique setting: the Roman Theatre in Mérida, declared a part of our world heritage by the UNESCO. It is a fascinating experience, as the theatre has been conserved in exceptional condition and the festival virtually takes its audience back to another era. The cornerstone of the programme is formed by the great classics of Greek and Roman theatre, but it has a much wider scope. Throughout July and August there are numerous theatre performances and film screenings in other archaeological venues such as the Temple of Diana, the Roman Forum and the square of the Thermal Baths. There are also exhibitions, workshops, street entertainment…