Gastrofestival Madrid

To be confirmed 2019


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  • Sampling tapas blindfold in the restaurant La Opípara

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Gastrofestival Madrid

Gastrofestival Madrid


To be confirmed 2019

Gastrofestival Madrid


From 20-ene-2018 to 04-feb-2018

Gastrofestival Madrid


Gastronomy as an art, and as one of Madrid's main attractions: this is how it's understood at the Gastrofestival, an event where you're guaranteed to eat well and learn all about cooking. During the festival, numerous restaurants throughout the city prepare special menus, and there are special gastronomic routes and tasting sessions, as well as cooking workshops and events featuring top chefs from all around the world. What's more, the culinary arts are combined with film, fashion and design. How? Museums, art galleries, bookshops, theatres, fashion labels all take part in Gastrofestival, among others…. And all of them do so with activities that link their sector with gastronomy. You'll be able to enjoy literary buffets, plays, films series on the subject of gastronomy, themed routes around museums…