Cante de las Minas Festival

From Aug 1, 2018 to Aug 11, 2018

Unión, La

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  • Cante de las Minas Festival

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Cante de las Minas Festival

Cante de las Minas Festival


From Aug 1, 2018 to Aug 11, 2018

Cante de las Minas Festival


La Unión, in the Region of Murcia, hosts this important international flamenco festival in the categories of 'cante' (singing), 'toque' (guitar) and 'baile' (dance). The line-up features established stars and also seeks to promote new talent. In addition to the galas, the festival includes a competition in each of the categories showcasing young artists shortlisted after months of competition. The oldest and most prestigious is the singing competition. The second is the 'toque' or guitar competition, while the most recent is the dance contest. Exhibitions, wine tasting, flamenco 'madrugás', book launches, courses and discussions are among the other events in the programme. The first edition took place in 1961. Today it represents the flamenco memory of the history of mining in Murcia. In fact, its existence has contributed to recovering a flamenco with its own identity that has had deep roots in the area for over a century and a half, and which was on the point of being lost forever.

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