Easter Week in Lorca

From Apr 14, 2019 to Apr 21, 2019


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  • Easter Week in Lorca

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Easter Week in Lorca

Easter Week in Lorca


From Apr 14, 2019 to Apr 21, 2019

Easter Week in Lorca


Lorca is home to very special Easter Week commemorations that are famous for their lavishness. The event recreates the passion and death of Jesus Christ along with other biblical episodes, and includes chariots, Egyptian troops and even the Antichrist. One of the key events is La Carrera which takes place along avenue Juan Carlos I. This is a procession of people dressed as Roman emperors, Egyptian troops, Roman gods in imposing carriages and chariots, accompanied by sculptures of the Virgin with richly embroidered mantles…. Two of the most eagerly awaited 'pasos' (the structures on which the images are carried) are those of the Antichrist and Cleopatra, the second of which is carried on the shoulders of Egyptian troops. The most important days in the Easter Week commemorations are Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. The festivities are also known as 'Blancos y Azules' ('whites and blues') in reference to the two main brotherhoods or religious associations, between whom there is considerable rivalry.

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