San Fermín Fiestas

From Jul 6, 2018 to Jul 14, 2018


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  • Running of the bulls at the San Fermínes festival

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San Fermín Fiestas

San Fermín Fiestas


From Jul 6, 2018 to Jul 14, 2018

San Fermín Fiestas


These are the most important festivities in Pamplona and are known all over the world for the excitement of the popular bull-running events. The bull-running forms the central act of the celebration. These intense and brief races in front of the bulls take place at eight o'clock every morning between 7 and 14 July. White clothing and a red handkerchief is the typical outfit worn by all during the festivities. The 'chupinazo' is the name given to the rocket announcing the start of the festivities which is launched from the Town Hall balcony at midday on 6 July. San Fermín is the saint commemorated by this homage. The runners commend themselves to him before each race by singing three times before a small image located on the Cuesta de Santo Domingo hill. 'Pobre de mí' ('Poor me') is the song sung by everyone to see off the festivities until the next year. A spirit of fiesta and fun is the experience to be had in Pamplona throughout the Sanfermines bull-running festival.

Festivity of International Tourist Interest