La Tomatina tomato festival

To be confirmed 2020



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  • La Tomatina tomato festival

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La Tomatina tomato festival

La Tomatina tomato festival


To be confirmed 2020

La Tomatina tomato festival


General: €10

La Tomatina tomato festival


This festivity involves a battle where tomatoes are the weapons and fun is the tactic. It takes place in Buñol (Valencia) on the last Wednesday in August, and involves thousands of people hurling tomatoes at one another. Don't worry! They're ripe tomatoes and completely soft. People gather at around 9 am in the town square, where pastries are handed out, buckets of water are thrown from balconies and an enormous pole is set up with a ham stuck on the top. Numerous contestants try to reach the ham while everyone else has fun watching their attempts. The tomato fight begins at around 11 am. At the sound of a starting pistol the first lorry-load of tomatoes appears, and seconds later has dumped its load. People rush to pick up their 'artillery', and before long everything has been stained tomato red. War has been declared. This one hour of hilarity is brought to an end by the sound of the second pistol shot, after which it's time to hose down the valiant participants.

Festivity of International Tourist Interest