Tito Bustillo Cave

  • Interior of the Tito Bustillo cave. Ribadesella, Asturias

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Tito Bustillo Cave

Contact details

Autovia A8. Salida 326. Avenida de Tito Bustillo s/n.
33560  Ribadesella, Asturias  (Asturias)

Tito Bustillo Cave


From Mar 01 to Oct 28
 Wednesday to Sunday
 10:15 to 17:00

Closing days: Monday, tuesday

Tito Bustillo Cave


General: €7,34
Reduced: €5,30
Admission free

Tito Bustillo Cave


A visit to the Tito Bustillo cave is a chance to see one of the world's most important Palaeolithic cave art sites. You'll find almost all its ceilings and walls are covered with cave paintings, which vary depending on the period when they were made and are overlaid on top of each other. The Tito Bustillo cave has been declared a part of our World Heritage. What can you see on your visit? Rock paintings of female figures made following the natural relief of the rock to imitate the female form. Also representations of animals such as horses and reindeer, and including particularly a whale –very rare in cave art. While you're there it's also well worth visiting the Tito Bustillo Cave Art Centre near the cave, where you can learn how it was discovered, who its inhabitants were, and enjoy the outstanding views over Ribadesella from its terrace-observation deck.

Prehistoric cave

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