Mérida Roman Amphitheatre

  • The Roman amphitheatre in Mérida. Badajoz

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Mérida Roman Amphitheatre

Contact details

Calle José Ramón Mélida s/n
06800  Mérida, Badajoz  (Extremadura)

Mérida Roman Amphitheatre


From Apr 01 to Sep 30
 Monday to Sunday
 09:00 to 21:00

From Oct 01 to Mar 31
 Monday to Sunday
 09:30 to 18:30

Mérida Roman Amphitheatre


General: €12
Reduced: €6
Groups: €7

Mérida Roman Amphitheatre


Be transported back to 8 B.C. To bouts between gladiators, animals and man versus beast. All these performances were held in the amphitheatre. Located next to the renowned Mérida Theatre, it comprises stands, split into three sectors, and two tribunes. The authorities would sit on one of the platforms. The other was reserved for those financing for the show. The gladiators would enter through two long galleries. A surprising feature is the large central pit in the arena.


Artistic period:

Historic period:
Romanisation (B.C.)

  • World Heritage certification