Salamanca's Cathedrals

  • The New Cathedral in Salamanca

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Salamanca's Cathedrals

Salamanca's Cathedrals


From Oct 01 to Mar 31
 Monday to Sunday
 10:00 to 18:00

From Apr 01 to Sep 30
 Monday to Sunday
 10:00 to 20:00

Salamanca's Cathedrals


General: €5

Reduced: €4

Children: €3

Large families: €1,5

Disabled persons: Admission free

Salamanca's Cathedrals


Audio guide, Guided tours, Shop Visits to Cloister, El Perdón doorway, Choir, and Diocesan and Cathedral Museum..

Salamanca's Cathedrals


When we talk about Salamanca Cathedral, we are actually talking about two cathedrals in one. Firstly, there is the new cathedral and then the old cathedral. The Old Cathedral attracts the eye with its beautiful tombs of the bishops and members of the nobility found inside. The Chancel Altarpiece is a highlight showing the Story of Salvation presided over by Our Lady of the Meadows, patron saint of Salamanca. Other standout rooms in the old cathedral are the Gallo Tower and the Chapel of San Martín (also known as the chapel of oil or ‘aceite'). The New Cathedral is located next to the old one and has 90 stain glass windows from Flanders. Take a look at the Portada de Ramos or Palm Doorway showing Jesus entering Jerusalem. Once inside the cathedral, you will see the statue of Our Lady that is worshipped, Our Lady of the Assumption.


Artistic period:

Historic period:
17th century, 12th century