Vizcaya transporter bridge

  • Vizcaya suspension bridge. Portugalete.

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Vizcaya transporter bridge

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Puente de Vizcaya Zubia
(Las Arena), Getxo, Vizcaya - Bizkaia  (Basque Country)

Vizcaya transporter bridge


 Monday to Sunday
 10:00 to 19:00

From Apr 01 to Oct 31
 Monday to Sunday
 10:00 to 20:00

Vizcaya transporter bridge


General: €8
Reduced: €6

Vizcaya transporter bridge


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Vizcaya transporter bridge


This is the world's oldest transporter bridge and the first to be built with a metal structure. It is currently still in operation, and spans the Nervión River linking the towns of Portugalete and Getxo. It represented a genuine revolution in its day, as it allowed passenger and ship traffic at the same time. The vehicles and passengers were moved by means of a gondola suspended in the air and which moved from one shore to the other. The trip takes one minute and a half. There are two panoramic lifts that will take you up to its walkways where you can see the best view of the Bilbao estuary. It was used as the model for building subsequent transporter bridges in France, England, Argentina and Chicago, although some of these no longer exist. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.


Artistic period:

Historic period:
19th century