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  • View of the “Barrio de las Cuevas”, Guadix

It is regarded as the “European capital of caves” due to the huge number of cave houses that are still inhabited today. You can even stay in one, with the Sierra Nevada mountains providing a fabulous backdrop.Read more...

What to see Guadix has a fascinating history. It is one of the most ancient human settlements in all of Spain. Today, a stroll through the city will take you to the Baroque cathedral and the Alcazaba (Arabic citadel), where you can enjoy breathtaking views. But the “Barrio de las Cuevas” (Cave District) is by far the most iconic attraction in Guadix, where impressive dwellings with white facades have been carved out of living rock. We recommend visiting the Cave Museum of Arts and Popular Customs. Many of the ancient caves now offer tourist accommodation. Why not spend an unforgettable night or two? We also suggest exploring the picturesque trails through the hills around Guadix that lead to some breathtaking viewpoints. Gastronomy Local specialities include “gachas” (similar to porridge) “migas” (a tasty dish of fried breadcrumbs) and sweet treats such as “tocinillos de cielo”. Enquire in the tourist office about the possibility of attending bread-baking and sweet-making workshops or a display of cured ham carving. Trips. Active tourism There are many hiking routes in the area. You can also go kayaking, horse riding and even try motor sports at the Guadix Speed Track. Festivities Every year on 9 September the famous fiesta known as El Cascamorras is held here, in which a colourful character “fights” the entire town in a ”battle of paint”.

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