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This is wine country. A place where you can visit prestigious vineyards, sample some world famous Rioja wine and learn all about the art of wine making.Read more...

What to see Most notably, everything related to the world of fine wines. Most of the wine producers welcome visitors and the local landscapes are dominated by vineyards. Plus, at the Wine Interpretation Centre, you can learn all about the fascinating art of wine making. A stroll around the city will take you to many interesting buildings. The most notable landmarks include the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de Haro, the Count of Haro's palace, Beldaña palace and the church of Santo Tomás. Festivities The "Wine Battle" is held on 29 June every year. It is a good-natured fight between two sides who throw thousands of litres of wine over their opponents. Gastronomy To accompany the superb local wine, there are many succulent dishes such as lamb chops grilled over vine shoots, borage and potato, Rioja-style white beans, stuffed peppers, and chorizo with potato. Another local speciality, especially during fiestas, is “zurracapote”, a drink made from wine, sugar, cinnamon, lemon and water. You'll find lots a bars and restaurants in and around Plaza de la Paz, Plaza de San Martín and the streets called Santo Tomás and San Martín.

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