San Millán de la Cogolla

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  • View of San Millán de la Cogolla with Yuso Monastery in the background. La Rioja.

San Millán de la Cogolla is regarded as the birthplace of the Spanish language (Castilian) as it is home to the first ever documents written in this language. Furthermore, the poet of Spanish literature, Gonzalo de Berceo, wrote his verses in this area.Read more...

What to see Be sure to visit the Suso and Yuso Monasteries. They are both World Heritage sites and house the first documents ever written in Spanish. Suso Monastery has a beautiful cloister and is home to the tombs of the Seven Princes of Lara and the statue of San Millán. At the far end of the valley stands Yuso Monastery, which has a statue of San Millán on horseback and a sacristy with alabaster floors and frescoes. It also houses a magnificent urn made from gold, ivory and precious stones containing the relics of San Millán. Other monastic rooms well worth visiting include the Royal Hall, the cloister and the library, where you can see the manuscript known as Las Glosas Emilianenses containing the first wills ever written in Spanish. San Millán de la Cogolla has become a place of pilgrimage, attracting many pilgrims travelling along the Way of Saint James. Gastronomy Try some typical local dishes such as “menestra de verduras “ (vegetable stew), lamb chops, stuffed peppers or delicious Rioja-style potatoes. To accompany such culinary delights, what better than some fine Rioja wine.

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San Millán de la Cogolla

San Millán de la Cogolla