Cuesta de Moyano

  • Booksellers' stalls on the Cuesta de Moyano. Madrid

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Cuesta de Moyano

Contact details

Calle Caludio de Moyano
28014  Madrid  (Madrid Region)

Cuesta de Moyano


Cuesta de Moyano booksellers market

This pedestrianised street is well known to book lovers, as it's the site of Madrid's permanent book fair. It is lined with around 30 wooden stalls that are engaged in buying and selling books. Here –at very affordable prices– you'll find everything from the latest literary works on release to classic works and out-of-print editions. A stroll up the Calle de Moyano is an opportunity to buy books, leaf through some ancient volumes, and track down items that are hard to find in traditional bookshops. It takes its name ('cuesta' is Spanish for 'hill') from the sloping the street which links the Paseo del Prado, near Atocha station, with the Retiro park. At each end you'll see a monument: a homage to the Spanish writer Pio Baroja at one end, and a statue of Claudio Moyano, a Spanish politician, at the other.