Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve

  • Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve. Navarre

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Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve

Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve

Location and municipalities


Zaragoza (Aragon)

Ejea de los Caballeros, Sádaba, Tauste

Navarre (Navarre)

Arguedas, Buñuel, Cabanillas, Cadreita, Carcastillo, Fustiñana, Tudela, Valtierra

Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve


It is one of the most special nature areas in Spain. And by special, we mean different. So much so that this semi-desert landscape with incredible shapes formed by erosion has been the set for films like“The World is not Enough”. Neither are these words enough to conjure up an image of it. You have to experience this park and let it surprise you with its hills up to heights of 600 metres. Make the most of viewing points like the Balcón de Pilatos (Pilate's Balcony). What animals can you find there? In olden days, you would have seen crocodiles and tortoises. Nowadays, you will see eagles, vultures, owls, mountain cats... What's on offer in the park? You can take a guided tour to discover legends like that of the bandit Sanchicorrota. You will also find signposted routes that you can follow on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or in a vehicle (check park regulations). And if you're interested in other activities, there are companies that organise routes in 4x4s, on segways, quads and so on. One last incentive: the best time to visit this park is between September and June.

  • Biosphere Reserve certification