Sierra de las Nieves Nature Reserve

  • Fuensanta mill. Sierra de las Nieves Nature Reserve

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Sierra de las Nieves Nature Reserve

Sierra de las Nieves Nature Reserve

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Malaga (Andalusia)


Sierra de las Nieves Nature Reserve


No, you won't spot a Yeti. But in this park you will find natural springs and the most intricate labyrinth of caves and caverns in all of Spain. It is also home to one of the deepest chasms in the world. Plus, there is a large concentration of peridotites: rocks of magmatic origin which, upon contact with air, turn the nearby Corona and Abanto hills green, brown and red. For panoramic views of the area, we suggest visiting El Mirador del Guarda Forestal viewpoint. When you reach the top, you'll see a highly original statue. What animals can you find there? The Spanish ibex if the emblem of the park. It is also home to the largest species of black spider in Europe and a sub species of salamander that is unique to the area. What's on offer in the park? There are many activities to choose from: hiking, bird watching, horse riding, ecological workshops... and you can even try your hand at canyoning. And make sure you set some time aside to visit the nearby city of Ronda.

  • Biosphere Reserve certification
  • Ecotourism certification
  • Eden certification