Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Nature Reserve

  • Lena Valley landscape. Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Nature Reserve. Asturias

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Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Nature Reserve

Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Nature Reserve

Location and municipalities


Asturias (Asturias)

Lena, Teverga, Quirós

Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Nature Reserve


A mountain territory that is perfect for disconnecting. That is what this park in Asturias is like, where the Peña Ubiña massif, the second highest mountain in the region, stands out. You'll want to carrying a camera when you see landscapes like the ravine formed by the Val de Sampedro river (where the Huerta Cave is) or the beech forests. What animals can you find there? There are protected species such as the brown bear and the wood grouse and others like the otter and the desman. What's on offer in the park? Besides contemplating spectacular landscapes, you can enjoy culture and history. In fact, this park has one of the finest rock art sites in the north-east of Spain (Abrigos Rupestres de Fresnedo), with paintings from the Bronze Age, and the Via Carisa and the Camin Real de la Mesa - both roads made during the Roman Empire.

  • Biosphere Reserve certification