Redes Nature Reserve

  • Stone bridge in Redes Nature Reserve. Asturias

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Redes Nature Reserve

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Caso, Asturias  (Principality of Asturias)

Redes Nature Reserve

Location and municipalities


Asturias (Principality of Asturias)

Caso, Ponga, Sobrescobio

Redes Nature Reserve


If you are already in Redes Reserve - welcome! You are in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Cordillera Cantábrica range. And if you're thinking about going there, we'll tell you a bit about its wonders. This place in Asturias with fairytale villages is made up of meadows and forests (mostly beach forests) that change colour depending on the season and by rocks that are up 500 million years old. Get to know the ravine on the Ruta del Alba (Dawn Route), the Deboyou Cave or the “Tabayón del Mongayu” waterfall. What animals can you find there? There are species that are typical in the north of Spain like the brown bear, the wood grouse and the wolf, and the largest populations of deer and ibex in Asturias. And of course, the "casina” cow, whose milk the famous cheese is made from. What's on offer in the park? Hiking routes, curious museums like the bee-keeping museum or the wood museum and the option of doing a guided route.

  • Quality certification
  • Biosphere Reserve certification
  • Ecotourism certification