Somiedo Nature Reserve

  • Cabin in the Somiedo Nature Reserve. Asturias

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Somiedo Nature Reserve

Somiedo Nature Reserve

Location and municipalities


Asturias (Principality of Asturias)


Somiedo Nature Reserve


The last refuge of bears. That is what we could call this Asturian park which is home to most of Europe's free-roaming brown bears. One of the things that visitors to the Somiedo Natural Reserve like most are their delightful lakes. Did you know that some of them, like the La Cueva, Calabazoasa and Cerveriz Lakes have glacial origins? As you walk around the reserve (which goes through the Sapiencia valleys, Valle del Lago, Puerto de Somiedo and Pola de Somiedo, Perlunes and Pigüeña), you will see the typical thatched cabins used by the farmers. What animals can you find there? Besides the interesting populations of brown bears, the grouse, wolves and otters are also noteworthy. What's on offer in the park? Find out about all the viewing points it has, like the one at La Peral. You will also find routes to take. One of the most popular is the Lago del Valle route, which you can also follow on horseback.

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  • Biosphere Reserve certification
  • Ecotourism certification