Babia Biosphere Reserve

  • Luna reservoir. San Emiliano, León

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Babia Biosphere Reserve

Babia Biosphere Reserve

Location and municipalities


León (Castilla y Leon)

San Emiliano

Babia Biosphere Reserve


With its summits reaching over 2,000 metres towards the sky, this was the place of recreation for kings. Yes, you read it right. The ancient kings of León and Asturias travelled to Babia to enjoy this peaceful and beautiful place. It is also the origin of the Spanish expression 'estar en babia' ('being in Babia'), meaning 'to be completely distracted'. The areas of Peña Ubiña and the La Cañada ridge are particularly worth seeing. This as a landscape of high mountains and gorges where you'll see the Sil river and glacial lakes like the Las Verdes lake. What animals can you find there? There are species like the brown bear (under threat of extinction), the grey partridge and the broom hare. What's on offer in the Biosphere Reserve? You can discover the old Calzada del Torrestio road, dating back to Roman times and going up to the Puerto de la Mesa pass to a point where you can cross the Cordillera Cantábrica range. We also recommend visiting the Hoz de las Palomas, a deep gorge. Sports fans can enjoy cycling, mountaineering and climbing.

  • Biosphere Reserve certification