Reserva de la Biosfera Terras do Miño

  • Río Miño. Lugo

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Reserva de la Biosfera Terras do Miño

Reserva de la Biosfera Terras do Miño

Location and municipalities


Lugo (Galicia)

Lugo, Rábade

Reserva de la Biosfera Terras do Miño


You will find this nature area in the top basin of the River Miño, in Lugo. The path of this river, the longest one in Galicia, is a real wonder because it crosses landscapes of leafy forests and valleys. Besides, it creates fluvial islands on its journey that form internal lagoons that you will love. What species can you find there? Walking around its forests you can contemplate chestnuts, birches and oaks. And the islands in the Miño are noteworthy for their aquatic flora and fauna. What's on offer in the Biosphere Reserve? A path starts at the Insuas do Miño Visitors' Centre (in Rábade) that will take you onto the insuas (islands) of San roque, Cela and Trabanca. And to get to know the relationship between these lands and the customs of its people, we suggest that you visit the Mazo de Santa Comba (which takes advantage of the force of the water to produce electricity) or the A Fervenza Ethnographic Complex (there you will see a mill, a forge and a clog workshop).

  • Biosphere Reserve certification