One day in Salamanca

  • Plaza Mayor square in Salamanca

We suggest planning a trip to the World Heritage City of Salamanca. You'll love strolling around the cobbled streets of the historic quarter and visiting the university and the city's two cathedrals with their characteristic golden stone. Many of its buildings conceal secrets. Would you like to know what they are?

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One day in Salamanca


The best place to begin your itinerary is in the famous Plaza Mayor, one of the most beautiful squares in the whole of Europe. Have you got your camera with you to capture its 88 porticoed arches and the medallion engraved with the face of Miguel de Cervantes? This is a good place to stop and observe the square while you have a cup of coffee in the hundred-year-old Café Novelty. You could now go on through the Plaza del Corrillo square and down the Rúa Mayor until you come to the Casa de las Conchas house. This original monument is particularly distinctive, and legend has it that it conceals a treasure. It stands in a street lined with monuments, all of which richly deserve a closer look. If you continue on you'll see the Monterrey Palace, the Convent of Las Úrsulas and the College of Archbishop Fonseca. If you retrace your steps you'll come to the beautiful Plaza de Anaya square and its gardens, one of the most charming places in Salamanca. Opposite you stands the city's imposing New Cathedral, and behind you, Anaya College.

One day in Salamanca

MIDDAY (12-4 PM)

This is the time to see the New Cathedral from close up, and to look for some of the mysterious carved figures on its door: an astronaut, a monkey eating an ice-cream, and a stork. Incredible but true! Not many cities have two cathedrals: Salamanca does. They're interconnected, and the Old Cathedral is reached through the New Cathedral. And now comes the best part: from the lower part of the Old Cathedral you can access a route that takes you to the top of both cathedrals, where you can see and almost touch the towers standing 110 metres high. The views are spectacular. After this highly cultural morning, this is a good moment to sample some of the local sausages and hams, or some delicious roast suckling pig in the area around the Plaza Mayor square. Another very popular area (in the new part of the city) is Calle Van Dyck.

One day in Salamanca


Now is the time to head for another of the symbols of the city, its university. We propose a little game: trying to find the famous carved frog on the Plateresque doorway. Legend has it that if students see it without anybody pointing it out to them, they will pass all their exams that year. Next stop: the bohemian Calle de Los Libreros and the Casa Lis Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Decó. As you go on, you'll come to one of the most romantic corners of the city, the garden of Calixto and Melibea. This is the garden in which the lovers in the work of literature 'La Celestina' are said to have held their trysts. It's the perfect place for a rest. And for the best way to round off the afternoon, what about a little shopping? There are numerous shops in the streets of Calle Toro and Calle Zamora. And why not take back a little frog to remind you of your search at the university?

One day in Salamanca


A great way to enjoy the evening is to make for the Roman Bridge and stroll along the riverbank, where you can take some great photos. If you prefer to stay in the centre, you'll be able to see how the evening light bathes the façades of the buildings in a magical gold hue. Salamanca is lit up as night falls, becoming even more beautiful. For dinner, the area around the Plaza Mayor square is ideal. And if you're still ready for more, don't forget that Salamanca is also well-known for its nightlife. You'll find various venues in the area around the Plaza de San Justo square and in the streets of Gran Vía and Bordadores.

One day in Salamanca


There are numerous guided tours of the city which start in the Plaza Mayor. Ask at any tourist information office (where you can also request an audioguide). There is a tourist train which makes a circuit around the historic quarter. If you want, you can buy the Salamanca Sightseeing Card. http://www.salamancacard.com/