One day in Toledo

  • View of the Alcázar fortress in Toledo

The famous 'City of the Three Cultures' (barely 70 kilometres from Madrid) is always a pleasure to visit. Its historic quarter –declared a part of our World Heritage by the UNESCO– still has its original layout from the Middle Ages. Strolling through the streets is an experience not to be missed.

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One day in Toledo


Starting point: Plaza de Zocodover square. From here you can make for the Museum of Santa Cruz, a site formed by the old Santa Cruz Hospital and the Convent of Santa Fe. In this last building there is a vast glass window offering views over the Paseo del Miradero and the River Tagus. And in the Santa Cruz Hospital there is a spectacular staircase made of Covarrubias marble. This is a good time for a cup of coffee. Around the area there are several street cafés, but as you're very near the Alcázar, we recommend dropping into the coffee shop there before taking a look round (it houses the Army Museum). You're now at the highest point of the city, so enjoy the views!

One day in Toledo


Now head for the cathedral. Take your time over your visit. There's so much worth seeing: the King's Chapel, the famous golden monstrance, the paintings in the sacristy, the choir… You can then go on to the Town Hall and the alley of the Cuesta de la Ciudad until you come out at the Jesuit church. Another good opportunity to see the rooftops of Toledo. It's now time for lunch, and you're right beside Calle Alfileritos, which is full of bars and restaurants where you can sit and relax. Suggestions from the menu include, for example, 'cocido' (chickpea stew), 'carcamusas' (stewed pork with tomato), partridge, venison…

One day in Toledo

AFTERNOON (3:30-7:30 PM)

After lunch, head for the Jewish quarter. In Calle de Santo Tomé you'll find the church of the same name, and definitely worth a visit to see one of the most famous works by the painter El Greco: 'The Burial of the Count of Orgaz'. Other interesting sights include the Tránsito synagogue (site of the Sephardic Museum) and the synagogue of Santa María la Blanca. Continuing on up this street you'll find the imposing monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, built by the Catholic Monarchs. All along this route there are shops selling traditional articles. What about buying a sword? The convent neighbourhood This is reached by going up the Paseo de la Virgen de Gracia. Some of these convents offer home-made sweets and pastries for sale, although many of them are run by cloistered nuns. If you raise your eyes you're likely to see various overhead walkways: these were used by the nuns to avoid being seen. Continuing along on foot you'll come to the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz and the Puerta del Sol, from where you can see the church of Santiago del Arrabal and the inside of the Bisagra Gate.

One day in Toledo


Our final suggestion to round off the day is to take a taxi up to the Parador hotel (on one of the hills outside the city). This is a great place to enjoy some refreshments on the café's outdoor terrace while you watch the sunset bathe all the city's monuments in a rosy glow.

One day in Toledo


Tickets to the Cathedral can be bought at the ticket office located opposite the Puerta Llana gate in Calle Cardenal Cisneros. On Sunday during High Mass you can listen to the majestic cathedral organ. There are nocturnal guided visits around the city. Find out more from the tourist office. You can purchase a sightseeing card to explore the city. http://www.toledocard.com/