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Northern Route stage 22: Sebrayo - Gijón

Towns on the way

Sebrayo, Villaviciosa, La Parra, Niévares, El Curviellu, La Pontica, Cabueñes, Gijón

Northern Route stage 22: Sebrayo - Gijón


30 km

Mode of transport
  • 7,00. Bicycle

  • Walking

Main difficulties
A signpost at the crossroads in the district of La Parra (before going through los Grases de Abajo and Niévares) indicates a turn-off towards Oviedo and the continuation towards Gijón. The Northern Route continues towards Gijón, up the hill of El Alto de la Cruz, a tough climb of three kilometres. The road towards Oviedo leads to Santiago de Compostela via the Primitive Route.