Towns in Salzillo in the Region of Murcia

  • Salzillo Museum, Murcia

Discover the work of Francisco Salzillo, one of the key figures in the Spanish Baroque style, in the Murcia Region. His most famous works are those relating to Easter Week.

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Towns in Salzillo in the Region of Murcia


  • Lorca. In the former collegiate church of San Patricio you can see sculptures of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, by Salzillo. The Museum of Embroidery for Images has a group of sculptures of the Last Supper. Make the most of your visit and discover Lorca's Baroque heritage and the ruins of its Moorish castle.
  • Cartagena. There are sculptures by Salzillo in the churches of La Caridad and Santa María de Gracia. And you shouldn't leave without visiting the Roman Theatre, the remains of the Punic walls and the Modernist buildings on Calle Mayor.
  • Murcia. The sculptor was born here, and you can visit the Salzillo Museum. There are also some of his sculptures in the churches of San Juan de Dios, San Miguel, Santa Catalina and San Nicolás de Bari, in the monastery and museum of Santa Clara. We also recommend a visit to Santa María Cathedral.
  • Towns in the irrigated lands of Murcia. In Lorquí, for example, there is a statue of Jesus the Nazarene, attributed to Salzillo, in the Church of Santiago Apóstol. Ricote houses a statue of Joseph in the Church of San Sebastián, and Cieza has works attributed to Salzillo in the churches of La Asunción and San Joaquín y San Pascual, in the Monastery of the Inmaculada Concepción, and in the House-Museum of the Dormis brotherhood.
  • Jumilla. As well as being the perfect destination for tasting the wines on the Jumilla Wine Route, there some of Salzillo's works in the Church of Santiago and in the Monastery of Santa Ana.
  • Yecla. The Basilica of La Purísima houses a Virgin of Sorrows, also by Salzillo.

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Towns in Salzillo in the Region of Murcia

Practical information

Approximate time:
We recommend one week.

Best time of year:
All year round

Tips and interesting facts:
During Easter week, many of his sculptures can be seen in the religious processions that represent the passion and death of Jesus Christ.