From Cáceres to Trujillo

  • Trujillo

Trujillo is a splendid tourist destination. This route, starting at Cáceres, will take you through fields and pastures where fighting bulls and Iberian pigs, from which the famous and highly prized Extremadura hams and sausages are obtained, can be seen grazing.

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From Cáceres to Trujillo


  • Cáceres: this is the starting point, taking the A-66 motorway, also known as La Plata Motorway.
  • Alcuéscar. A journey of about 40 kilometres. Do not miss the Basilica of Santa Lucía del Trampal, one of the few remaining Visigoth churches in Spain.
  • Villa de Montánchez. a 10 kilometre journey. Its castle and noble houses are eye-catching, but do not miss trying its splendid ham and wine also.
  • Valdefuentes. a 7 kilometre journey. It is worth visiting the remains of the old Palace of the Marquises of Valdefuentes, the Baroque Church of La Bienvenida and the old San Agustín Monastery. Did you know that this monastery is known as the "Little El Escorial"?
  • Torremocha, Botija, Plasenzuela, Ruanes and Salvatierra de Santiago. A journey of 40 kilometres through a beautiful landscape of vineyards and pastures where fighting bulls graze.
  • Zarza de Montánchez. Its San Miguel Church is considered one of the finest churches in the region.
  • Almoharín. A 9 kilometre journey. We recommend a visit to El Salvador Church.
  • Miajadas. A 12 kilometre journey. Santiago Apóstol Church is the highlight.
  • Santa Cruz de la Sierra. A 9 kilometre journey, and the last stop. The three main points of interest are the churches of La Veracruz and of the Augustine monastery, and the remains of Castro de la Sierra de Santa Cruz, a pre-Roman settlement and necropolis.
  • Trujillo. A 14 kilometre journey. The birthplace of great conquistadors like Francisco Pizarro and Francisco de Orellana. The medieval town, standing on Cerro del Zorro hill, is surrounded by a wall with 17 towers and overlooked by a Moorish castle. Outside the walls, we recommend visiting the famous Plaza Mayor square, with its colonnade and several palaces, like that of San Carlos, and the distinctive Bullring.

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From Cáceres to Trujillo

Practical information

How to complete the route:
By car

Approximate time:
It can be done in one or two days.

Best time of year:
All year round

Tips and interesting facts:
Do not miss tasting Extremadura's hams and sausages.