Royal Route

  • Partial view of Olite Castle

This route takes you to some of the places in the old Kingdom of Navarre. Along the way, you will see fortresses, castles and palaces, built by the kings of Navarre, and beautiful landscapes.

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Royal Route


  • Tafalla. The upper part of this city retains a medieval air. You can see palaces like those of the Marquis of Feria and the Mencos family, and Santa María Church. An anecdote: tradition has it that this place was founded by the first settler of the Iberian Peninsula, Túbal.
  • San Martín de Unx. Take the main road for 10 kilometres to reach this medieval town with its San Martín de Tours Church, one of the most enchanting Romanesque churches in the Navarre style.
  • Ujué. 8 kilometres further on stands Ujué: with an old quarter of cobbled streets, dominated by the Romanesque church-fortress of Santa María la Real. Be sure not to miss trying its famous "migas" (fried breadcrumbs with garlic and sausage) and sugared almonds.
  • Carcastillo. Now we leave the Sierra de Ujué mountains and head down to the banks of the Aragón River, travelling 25 kilometres towards Carcastillo. Two kilometres before reaching this town, you will see the stunning architecture of La Oliva Monastery, including a church, cloisters and an abbatial palace. The monks who live here sing daily liturgies.
  • Rada. Continuing for 12 kilometres, we come to the walled enclosure of Rada, a medieval village abandoned in the 15th century. Do you feel fit to explore it? The views are spectacular.
  • Laguna de Pitillas Nature Reserve. You are 15 kilometres from the largest wetland area in Navarre. It has a great observatory for bird watching.
  • Olite. Going back to turning for Pitillas, another five kilometres will bring you to Olite. This city owes its great charm, above all, to its famous Royal Palace. Also worth seeing are the Santa María and San Pedro churches and the Vine and Wine Exhibition Centre.

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Royal Route

Practical information

Total distance:
The suggested route is about 90 kilometres. However, we recommend extending the route to include two other stops. The first is the town of Artajona to visit its medieval quarter known as “Cerco de Artajona” and San Saturnino church. The second is the district of La Valdorba, a land of fine wine and Romanesque churches and shrines.

How to complete the route:
By car

Best time of year:
All year round

Tips and interesting facts:
The wineries in the area offer guided tours and tasting and sampling sessions. Nearby, you can see the magical forms of the Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve. In July and August, Olite hosts its Classical Theatre Festival and Medieval Festivals. Its Wine Harvest Festival takes place in September. You can go on guided tours of the Romanesque architecture of the Valdorba area.

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