Sorolla Route

  • Valencia Town Hall

Joaquín Sorolla is one of great masters of 19th century Spanish painting, thanks to his luminous paintings of Mediterranean scenes. This route around his native city of Valencia, covers 29 places connected to his life and works. We will tell you which are the most important.

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Sorolla Route


  • The house where the artist was born. It is at number eight on the street of Calle de las Mantas. You will see a commemorative plaque.
  • Santa Catalina Church and San Martín Church. This is where he was baptised and where he married Clotilde García.
  • Círculo de Bellas Artes (Academy of Fine Arts). Did you know that the painter was a member?
  • Cathedral and City Hall. Sorolla depicted the cathedral in some of his paintings. The City Hall has some of his paintings, including "My Family", in its collection.
  • Puente de la Exposición Bridge. Popularly known as "La Peineta" ("ornamental comb") and designed by Santiago Calatrava, it takes us to the Palacio de la Exposición art gallery, where the 1909 Valencia Regional Exhibition showed works by Sorolla.
  • Valencia Museum of Fine Art. It has some fifty paintings by the painter.
  • El Carmen Centre: Sorolla studied here from 1878 to 1887. Today, it is an exhibition centre and home to the Joaquín Sorolla Research and Study Institute.
  • La Malvarrosa Beach, Valencia al Mar Hospital and Casa dels Bous House. All were subjects of his paintings. Can you see the light reflected in the water?
  • Valencia's Monument to Sorolla. In Plaza de la Armada Española square.
  • General Cemetery of Valencia. The route ends at the family pantheon where the artist is buried.

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Sorolla Route

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For greater convenience, you can take the metro or tram to visit some of these places. The full route includes other places of interest like the Benlliure House-Museum.

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